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Introduction to valve marking, packaging, storage and transportation

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2018-10-16 16:58

Valve markings, packaging, storage and transportation specific information is shown below.

  1, the valve logo and identification paint should be in line with the provisions of JB106-59.

  2, the product is not painted or no rust-proof layer on the processing surface must be coated with rust inhibitor, but the inner cavity must be coated with rust-proof paint.

  3, in transport and storage, the gate valve gate and shut-off valve flap should be closed, the plug pathway should be fully open, the check valve flap should be closed and fixed. Both ends of the pathway should be closed firmly. Packaging of various products should be done in transport and storage without damage.

  4, DN ≤ 40mm valves should be sent in boxes (or grill boxes).

  5, the same batch of valve products should be accompanied by a packing list, product certification and product instructions, the specific contents of which are as follows:

  Product Certificate of Conformity

  (1) Product name, model and specification.

  (2) nominal pressure, temperature and applicable media.

  (3) Based on the standards and test conclusions.

  (4) The date of inspection.

  (5) Check the signature of the person responsible.

  Packing list

  (1) Product name and nominal diameter.

  (2) The number of products in each box.

  (3) Gross weight per box (kg).

  Product instruction manual

  (1) Product performance and structure.

  (2) valve use.

  (3) the use of methods.

  (4) Maintenance and storage.

  6, the valve products should be kept in a dry room, do not allow open-air storage or stacking.

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