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Seismic bracket manufacturers: technical standards for seismic brackets

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2021-05-28 15:35

Seismic bracing manufacturer: Seismic bracing is a member or device that limits the displacement of mechanical and electrical engineering auxiliary facilities, controls the vibration of the facilities, and transfers the load to the load-bearing structure. Seismic bracing should give reliable protection to building mechanical and electrical engineering facilities during earthquakes and withstand seismic effects from any horizontal direction; seismic bracing should be checked according to the load it is subjected to; all components forming the seismic frame should be finished components, and components connected with fasteners should be easy to install; the limits of seismic bracing for insulated pipes should be designed according to the size of the pipes after insulation, and should not limit thermal expansion and contraction caused by displacement.

After seismic reinforcement can reduce the earthquake damage, minimize and prevent secondary disasters, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing casualties and property damage.


Seismic bracket manufacturers tell you the construction technology and technical standards of seismic brackets

1. Production process: accurate measurement, accurate positioning of chemical bolts, material cutting, installation of part of the main crane, installation of side/vertical support points, installation of stiffening equipment.

2. Preparation for work in advance:The construction team should study the safety operation procedures of the equipment installation project and master the technical standards, safety operation procedures, quality acceptance standards and other related technical specifications for the installation of seismic grade support brackets.

3.Accurate measurement and accurate positioning of chemical bolts.

4.Material cutting:According to the accurate measurement and removed data information, determine the length of all external thread hangers, stiffened round steel and inclined round steel, and then laser cutting.

5.Installing part of main crane:Punching holes according to the location of expansion bolts of main crane to install expansion chemical bolts and parts of main crane.

6. Installation of side support points: Accurately locate the side support point chemical bolts, and drill holes to install the side support points.

7. Installation of reinforced equipment: When installing reinforced equipment, the relevant provisions should be considered at intervals.

Seismic bracket manufacturers tell you the actual operation points

1. It is strictly forbidden to force the seismic bracket to squeeze into other pipes and change the perspective of the vertical hanger during installation so as not to endanger the use of other pipes and the actual effect of seismic bracket seismic grade.

2. When installing the seismic bracket, the external thread of the hanger should be detailed, and the connection between the foot bolt, hexagonal nut and the hanger should be firm and stable.

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