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Stainless steel ball valve: how to maintain the stainless steel ball valve

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2021-06-04 17:48

Stainless steel ball valve: Due to the integral structure of stainless steel ball valve, it is smaller, lighter, leak-free and has excellent sealing performance. The sheath is welded together with carbon steel pipe, which has higher pressure resistance and rigidity. It has better heat insulation and cold resistance than castings. The diameter of the valve is the same as the diameter of the pipeline, which can effectively prevent the heat loss of the medium in the pipeline, and the maintenance method of the stainless steel ball valve.

1. Keep the external and moving parts of the stainless steel ball valve clean

Stainless steel ball valve manufacturer learned that the appearance of stainless steel ball valves, the trapezoidal threads on the stem and stem nut, the sliding part of the stem nut and the bracket, gears, worm gear and other parts are prone to depositing a lot of dust, oil, media residues and other dirt, causing wear and corrosion on the stainless steel ball valve. Therefore, stainless steel ball valves should always be kept clean. Usually, the dust on the stainless steel ball valve can be swept with a brush and compressed air, or even swept with a copper wire brush until the working and mating surfaces show a metallic luster and the painted surface shows the original color of the paint. In addition, stainless steel ball valve manufacturers recommend opening the bottom plug of the flushing valve and trap for flushing periodically, or removing it for flushing periodically to avoid clogging the stainless steel ball valve with dirt.

2. Keep the stainless steel ball valve lubrication

Bearing parts of the meshing parts, gears and worm gears and other mating parts need good lubrication conditions to reduce friction between each other and avoid mutual wear. For the lubrication of parts that agree to be damaged during operation, the manufacturer recommends repairing the lubrication system and smooth oil path. Normally open high-temperature stainless steel ball valves apply every week to a month for oiling, so that the lubricated parts to expose the surface.

3. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the electrical assembly

Cost-effective, maintenance of the electrical assembly, as usual, no less than once a month. Maintenance content: clean appearance, no accumulation of dust, assembly without steam and oil; sealing surface and sealing point should be firm and accurate. In addition, it should be maintained without leakage, so it is considered that the lubrication parts should be oiled according to the regulations, and the valve nut should be oiled. In addition, the electrical parts are complete, good design of the missing phase, active switch, thermal relay does not trip, the indicator is accurate.

In general, in order to maintain the stainless steel valve well, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the above-mentioned methods of the stainless steel valve manufacturer, i.e., cleaning the stainless steel valve well, keeping the stainless steel ball valve lubricated, and performing routine maintenance on the electrical assembly of the stainless steel ball valve.


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